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Dr. Annemarie McAllister
Ed.D, RN Columbia University
Paula Graham Director Learning Resource
Diana Krpic   Information Literacy Officer and Director of Finances
Drew Thompson   Director of Student Services 
Feinstein, Susan
MS, RN University of Pennsylvania
  Instructor Psychiatric Nursing
John, Annamma
MS, RN Mercy College
  Instructor Maternity Nursing (Obstetrics)
Joseph, Susan
MS, RN Mercy College, Ph.D(c)
  Instructor Advanced Medical-Surgical
Magaletto, Phyllis
MS, RN Mercy College
  Instructor First Year (Med-Surg)
McMahon, Jacqueline
MS, RN, Pace University
  Instructor First Year (Med-Surg)
Nigro, Laurie
MS, RN Mercy College
  Instructor First Year
O'Connor-Morris, Patricia
MS, RN College of Mt. St. Vincent
  Instructor First Year
Robinson, Elizabeth
MS, RN, Lehman College
  Instructor Pediatrics
Stanghellini, David
MSN, RN, Benedictine University
  Instructor Nursing Basics
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