Human Patient Simulation

The implementation of the Human Patient Simulator, used in Simulation Lab, enhances the student’s clinical experiences. Here, the faculty can create patient situations in a safe environment, using a simulator that responds to the learners’ decisions and actions. This gives learners a chance to perform assessments, apply theoretical concepts, make decisions and practice skills without fear of patient harm.

Patient Simulation Picture 1

Cochran School of Nursing has three Human Patient Simulators (HPS), two of whom replicate a six-foot-adult and one which replicates a large sized Baby. The simulator(s) represent a physiological model which integrates the cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological and pharmacological responses to interventions, or lack thereof, for designated clinical scenarios and/or other patient health related conditions. In addition, the use of an electronic medical record (EMR), and PIXIS, the pharmacological computerized medication component, enhances the simulated clinical experience for the student.

Patient Simulation Picture 2