Admission Testing


Cochran School of Nursing subscribes to Kaplan for testing all applicants and preparing students to achieve proficiency in each course as they move through the curriculum. The program effectively prepares students for the licensing exam through rigorous individualized testing and tutoring programs throughout their course of study.


As part of the Admission Process, every applicant must take the Kaplan’s Nursing School Entrance Exam.

The exam consists of four parts: Reading, Mathematics, Science and English.

The computerized exam is offered at Cochran School of Nursing by appointment. Please call (914) 964-4606 to schedule your exam.

Applicants should allow 3 hours for the exam.

Applicants are strongly advised to prepare for the exam using the Kaplan study guide.

An applicant may take the Kaplan Entrance Exam maximum of 2 times a year. There should be a two-month period between the attempts.


To prepare for the exam order the study guide: Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exams Prep.

Please click for Kaplan’s Nursing School Entrance Exam Sample