CSN Program Outcomes

The Cochran School of Nursing Graduate will be able to:
1. practice within the ethical, legal, and regulatory framework of standards of nursing practice
2. integrate caring beliefs with respect for all individuals within a diverse patient population in health care setting
3. identify cultural and spiritual concepts of care for diverse patient populations in a variety of health care settings
4. collaborate with the members of the healthcare teams to achieve safe patient outcomes utilizing concepts of patient centered care
5. value professional behaviors within the standards of practice including engaging in lifelong learning
6. advocate for patients and families to promote their integrity and self-worth with respect for the uniqueness of diverse populations
7. make clinical judgments and decisions by utilizing evidence-based data to promote safe, quality care in diverse health care settings
8. utilize quality assessment and improvement measures and regulations to improve nursing care and health care delivery

1. Fifty percent (50%) will complete the program in one hundred (100%) of the time. Seventy percent (70%) of our students entering the nursing program will complete the program requirements in one hundred fifty percent (150%) of the program length (3 years).
2. 80% of graduates will pass the NCLEX on the first attempt.
3. Seventy percent (70%) of our graduates seeking employment in nursing will be employed one year after receiving their RN Licensure.
4. Ninety percent (90%) of our graduates who complete our surveys will report that the program prepared them to achieve the End of Program Student Learning Outcomes.
5. Seventy percent (70%) of CSN graduates will be enrolled in a Baccalaureate Degree program within one year of graduation.

NCLEX-RN pass rates will be at or above the national mean (average).

Year NY State Average CSN
2021 77.5% 76.74%
2022 73.9% 77.78%
2023 82.60% 82.47%

Program completion rate will be at or above 70% (% of students completing within 150% of program length).


Expected Level of            Achievement       % of CSN Students

Program Completion Rate
2019 70% 75.5%
2020 70% 71.4%
2021 70% TBD

 Program completion rate will be at or above 45% (% of students completing within 100% of program length).


Expected Level of            Achievement       % of CSN Students

Program Completion Rate
2019 45% 53.1%
2020 45% 45.2%
2021 45% TBD


60% of graduates will be placed in a nursing position within one (1) year of graduation.

Year % Employed
2020 95.7%
2021 100%