Institutional Scholarships at Cochran

The Cochran School of Nursing administers a number of private scholarships provided by families in Yonkers, by the Hospital, and by various organizations who are supportive of the school, and student achievements. These scholarships vary in amount and are based on a variety of eligibility factors, including:

  • grade point average
  • qualities of caring
  • clinical competence
  • financial need
  • residency of the applicant

The scholarships and awards administered by Cochran School of Nursing include but are not limited to:

  • Sybil Cohen Dickoff Scholarship
  • Nona Sokolich Kovalcin Memorial Scholarship
  • Charles & Patricia Aitcheson Memorial Scholar
  • Helen C. Reiff Memorial
  • Kettenring-Howorth
  • Nora Dryer Scholarship
  • Piyari Akhtar Memorial Scholarship
  • SJRH Auxiliary
  • Bundy

The graduation awards administered by Cochran School of Nursing include but are not limited to:

  • The Franco Schirripa Memorial Medical Staff Award
  •  The Cochran School of Nursing Alumni Association Award
  •  Maureen Rosati Memorial Award
  • Andrus Pavilion, St. John’s Riverside Hospital Award
  • The Auxiliary of St. John Riverside Hospital Award
  • The Ann Dorrian Memorial Scholarship
  •  Alice O’Brien Memorial Award
  • Caryl LeKashman Award
  • Pearl Weinberger Dunlop Memorial Pin Award
  • Alumni Pin Award
  • The Mary C. Pryor Award
  • The Lamberti- Belliveau Humanitarian Award
  • Charles and Patricia Aitcheson Memorial Nursing Award
  • The Piyari Akhtar Memorial Scholarship
  • The Sybil Cohen Dickoff Nursing Scholarship
  • Nora Dryer Scholarship
  • Kettenring- Howorth Scholarship
  • Nona Sokolick Kovalcin Memorial Scholarship
  • Helen C. Reiff Memorial Scholarship
  • Auxiliary of St. John’s Riverside Hospital Award
  • The Bundy Scholarship Award
  • Switzer Award

Information regarding other scholarships, including applications, may be obtained by contacting the Financial Aid Officer (914) 964-4265