Financial Aid Opportunities

Detailed information on all financial aid programs is available from the office of Financial Aid after the applicant has been accepted. All students interested in applying for financial aid or scholarships at the Cochran School of Nursing are expected to fill out and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, (FAFSA).

The student and or the student’s family is primarily responsible for meeting total educational costs. Estimating a reasonable family contribution is accomplished by analyzing the strength of the family’s financial situation using FAFSA.

Need is determined through the use of a methodology used through developed Federal calculations that are based on student need. Students who anticipate difficulties paying their tuition and/or financing other educational needs will be encouraged to meet with the Financial Aid Officer prior to the beginning of the semester.

Financial Aid Programs

The School of Nursing administers several financial aid programs, including loans and grants, in accordance with the standards of the Federal and State governments. The Office of Financial Aid is available to help eligible students receive financial aid. The office will provide personal and confidential financial counseling.

Federal and state grants: Help you with college expenses. Grants are “free” money and do not have to be repaid. Your family’s financial circumstances determine your eligibility and amount you can receive

Direct Loans: Loans help you pay for tuition and other expenses, but must be re-paid. Loans are backed by the Department of Education

Private scholarships: Many organizations, fraternal societies, unions, high schools and religious groups offer scholarships. Most of these private scholarships require that you meet organization-specific criteria to qualify

1. Federal Aid Programs
    A. Federal Pell Grant
    B. Federal Family Education Loan Program, including:
        1. Federal Subsidized Stafford Loan Program – need based.
            Payment for interest or principal begins six months after graduation.
        2. Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan Program – not need based.
            Payment of interest begins 60 days after the second disbursement.
        3. Federal PLUS Loan Program – Parent Loan, up to cost of attendance.
     C.   Veterans Administration

2. State Aid Programs
    A. Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)
    B. Regents Award for Children of Deceased or Disabled Veterans
    C. Aid to Native Americans
    D. Vietnam Veteran and Persian Gulf Veteran Tuition Award Program
    E. Children of Deceased Police Officer – Firefighter – Correction Officer Awards